Personal communication make difficult by cell phones

We’ve been to the moon, have cell phones that do everything but cook and clean but God’s creation called “people” have slid back from what they were created to do.

I have a “what’s wrong with this picture” example.

I saw two couples sitting at a basketball game.

All four were working their phones instead of watching the game.

This is a perfect description of our world today. We are becoming less personal and more like robots it seems.

Its almost humorous if it weren’t actually sad.

We were created to communicate with each other — to look into someone’s eyes and see love or hurt or disinterest and react accordingly.

Mom and Dad, when was the last time you asked your son or daughter if everything was OK?

We all know that TV is a built in babysitter but who are they talking to or what about on their cell phones?

Who would ever think that a small contraption could become someone’s private world?

I’m past 90 and I’m grateful I can remember the “good old days” when others could actually know what you’re thinking and feeling.

There’s danger in secrecy and I would say that cell phones provide that.

Do you watch your spouse talk on that little phone and not even realize that your relationship is going down the tube?

Have you looked at your son or daughter directly in their eyes to realize if something is not quite right?

The good old days were really not corny. They were full of meaningful relationships.

Don’t let your children grow up without knowing what they’re about.

You don’t want to look back and say “what happened?”

Life is precious but time goes by so quickly.

Make each day count. You’ll be glad you did! Precious time wasted can never be recovered.