Letters to the editor

Stop the idocy; we do not need assault weapons

We are a free country governed by laws. Without laws there would be anarchy. We have the right to bear arms under our Second Amendment right. So where do we draw the line between our rights and anarchy. I can’t own hand grenades, or a flame thrower — why not? I have the right to bear arms. So the line is crossed when any right or freedom causes anarchy. Assault weapons cause nothing but anarchy.

In a civilized society to think you have the right to bear assault weapons to protect your rights to bear arms is just as stupid as me owning hand grenades and flame throwers. Stop the idiocy.

Gun owner



Dismantle the system and reinstall a fixed version

In the summer I complained about the E-Z pass people having different rates in other states than people with EZ passes in those states have. It defeats the purpose of E-Z pass.

Now I complain about a huge disgrace far worse. It is the tolless toll collecting. People without the E-Z pass are supposed to get a bill for the toll and it can be mailed in. EZ pass is supposed to work the way it did. There are reports of people not paying when they did, and being fined hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. One person had her car repossessed because of it. This disgrace must end. All incorrect fines must be forgiven if not paid, and reimbursed if paid. Dismantle the system and fix it properly before reinstalling it.

Sadly, New York isn’t alone. Texas also has this problem, with a possibility of jail. It too must be dismantled and fixed.



Climate change and global warming are important issues

Climate change/global warming is the most important issue we face today. If we don’t do something to mitigate it, all our other issues will be moot, because we will be in the process of going extinct, along with the rest of God’s creation. Almost 100 percent of our scientists believe that this is so. The ones who express doubt are the ones on the payroll of fossil fuel companies.

This is what climate change scientist Kevin Anderson has to say:

“If our developing nations’ emissions peak in 2030, and decline at three percent per year thereafter, and if our developed nations’ emissions peak in 2015 (which they have not), and decline at three percent thereafter, we have a 50:50 chance of limiting global warming to four degrees C.” This is equivalent to about nine degrees F. This could be happening as early as the 2060s.

What will happen? Seas will rise, droughts and fires will increase, as will hurricanes and floods. Species will be lost. As for humans, we will be stressed for water and food, forced to move by rising sea levels, stressed by heatwaves and disease. People will have to migrate to survive, causing wars, chaos, and social and economic breakdown. Do you have children and grandchildren? Do you want to see them go through this? I don’t.

Please, conserve fossil fuels, give up eating beef, encourage your congressmen to take the subsidies off fossil fuels and beef, and ask them to encourage clean, renewable energy.