Unresolved issue between homeowner and city remains

As you all well know, [there is a] creek issue on the property on East Main Street in Johnstown.

To begin with, three years ago we had a sink hole in our driveway in which the city temporarily fixed. Then promised us a new driveway and our yard in as good, or better condition, than before. They did not do what they promised and actually made it worse. We now have an enormous hole in our back yard in which a grown adult can fall through it. I spoke to the city engineer and asked him to put a steel cover plate over the hole to make it safe as our grandchildren like to play in the yard. He blatantly told me “No,” in which I had recorded our conversation. That constitutes as endangering the welfare of children, which is a criminal offense.

In my opinion, anyone can see that the city engineer, who is not a resident of Johnstown, is inexperienced and corrupt and does not have any regard for human life.

We think the city residents should be aware of the city’s incompetence and also to let the city know that our property is not for sale. We just want this simple issue fixed so we can complete the renovation of our home.