‘SAFE Act’ wants to arm children

On the news this morning there was something very disturbing, the New York State Legislature has voted to put high powered rifles in the hands of 12 year old children and allow them to hunt deer and bear in New York state and the reason given is that this would help offset the loss of declining license sales which the state depends on. What madness is this? We now have the toughest gun laws in the nation, but “Gov. SAFE Act” wants to arm children.

This is a very real danger, not only to the children, but to all the hunters, hikers, campers, boaters, fishermen and all others who use the woods.

Early in the morning when it is gray; late afternoon when the sun is going down; dark cloudy days, and when it is snowing; visibility is poor; a child will see a shape moving through the woods — gee is that a deer, I think so; its at that point when a child makes a split second decision. A 12 year old child does not have the experience or mental capacity to make a decision like that, and sooner or later someone is going to die, and a child will have to go through life knowing they have killed someone, all because “Gov. SAFE Act: wants to increase revenue. Wake up people, the time to act is now. I appeal to all hunters, members of Pine Tree Rifle Club and all other rifle clubs, the NRA, hikers, boaters, campers, fishermen and all concerned citizens, to contact your representatives and bring this insane legislation to a screeching halt.

“Gov. SAFE Act” has shown his true colors, which is not only increased licence fees, its more gun sales, ammunition, hunting clothes, hot seats, knap sacks, hand warmers, etc. etc. Just more revenue for New York state that’s all he is concerned about. We need to vote out this underhanded, back room dealing hypocrite.