Mayor Dayton King has helped Gloversville

The 2017 Gloversville mayoral race was a very hard-fought campaign between incumbent mayor Dayton J. King and candidate William “Bill” Rowback. On election day Nov. 7, 2017, Bill Rowback was declared the winner of the Gloversville mayoral race. After the result of [the official] recount, election officials found out that two wards incorrectly tallied the votes giving Rowback the victory, meaning the incumbent Mayor Dayton J. King was the real winner for the mayor’s chair.

After this result, people who supported candidate Bill Rowback in the race started to protest stating that Dayton King somehow fixed the election in his favor. Which isn’t true at all, because he couldn’t have fixed the ballotbox. The protesters statements are nothing more than conspiracy theories.

I, Joseph Benton, wrote a letter to the editor stating that the original outcome of the Gloversville mayoral race wasn’t the outcome that I was looking for, but I respect the voice of the people because the people have spoken to vote for Bill Rowback. I congratulated Rowback on his victory at time and wished his incoming administration all the success and luck on governing.

Now that the shoe was on the other foot, there are citizens of this great city that are saying that Dayton J. King isn’t their mayor. That isn’t true at all because the honorable Dayton J. King will be our mayor for the next four years. When King took office, Gloversville was in the red. Under the King administration, Gloversville has went into the black. Mayor Dayton J. King is the greatest thing that ever happened to the city of Gloversville in most recent years. The sitting mayor is nothing more than a dedicated public servant who always puts the best interest of our city before his very own. I’m very proud of the leadership of Dayton J. King.