Don’t take a chance on not going to heaven

Another Christmas has come and gone leaving behind many tired out, depressed and let down people.

Naturally, if Christmas means nothing more than giving and receiving gifts and eating too many sweets, it’s hardlya recipe for joy unspeakable.

However, if we look forward to it as the celebration of Jesus’ birth, we will joyfully await that special date, Dec. 25.

I used to wonder what could be given to Jesus on his birthday.

After I received him as my savior, I realized that my gift to him was my life. It’s the only gift we could give him because he already owns the entire universe.

Jesus died for us. All he asks is that we live for him.

When, and if, we do this, we can say goodbye to depression, self-pity and resentment of others that literally takes the life out of us.

The devil tells us you’re OK, you’re as good as the next person etc. etc. God, however, says that if we don’t receive Jesus, we won’t inherit eternal life with him. Hell has been provided for Satan and his demons and those who don’t or won’t receive Jesus.

I urge you from the bottom of my heart not to take a chance with your future.

Some think you’ll be having a hoopla in hell with your friends. This is a lie. You will be alone aware and what you should have done.

God offers eternal life in heaven with him.

Satan offers suffering alone in darkness.

Again I say please don’t take a chance.

What if I’m right?