Dangerous business wants corporate welfare

A wise man once said, “If you want to be rich, take care of what you have.” Of course we all know that this is a metaphor. If we want to have the riches of family, friendship, a healthy and rich community, then we need to attend to them.

Our beutiful and historic Mohawk Valley is threatened now from a company, Lystek, which is not even American. They want to move into the Glen Canal Vew Business Park and they want corporate welfare from Montgomery County to fund their business which relies on an admittedly unproven technology according to their California website.

It is particularly horrifying that they want to sell their toxic waste fertilizer that it is not legal to inject into the ground anywhere in Montgomery County. Does this tell us something about their product? In their presentation to Glen they seemed to think that it was “cute” when they called their potential product “organic.” When asked about the presence of heavy metals they answered: “Metals are good for your body.” Lystek presents themselves to us in the style of an aw sucks “used car salesman.” Do you think we should trust them?

In fact, according to the EPA high temperatures will kill pathogens but they do not eliminate hormones, parmaceuticals products, heavy metals, asbestos, PCB’s or dioxins. Note that Lystek says they use a “low temperature” process.

Although promising to provide a PowerPoint presentation for the Dec. 21, Glen Town Board meeting and a promise to stay as late as necessary to answer all of our questions; the two Lystek representatives refused to identify themselves and appeared to hide in the packed full audience and locals. Local people who are obviously concerned and opposed to their risky gamble with our future, our resources and our infrastructures. So far, Lystek’s presentations of the technology they propose have been sparse and unprofessional.

Do you remember when a smart company like GE thought it would be OK to dump PCBs into the Mohawk River in the mistaken idea that the water and sediment would cover them up? Let’s not repeat this disaster.

Why should Montgomery County residents pay for a foreign company with unproven and questionable technology that is a huge liability for Montgomery County residents pay for a foreign company with unproven and questionable technology that is a huge liability for Montgomery County in terms of environmental degradation, pollution, severe damage to roads and infrastructures and hazardous to our local hero firemen who are volunteers?

Finally, from a business standpoint, Montgomery County residents are paying and taking all the risks. Lystek is taking corporate welfare, not risks and all of the profit.

Please come to the Jan. 18, meeting at Glen Town Hall, 7 Erie St., in Fultonville at 7:30 p.m. Protect your investment in Montgomery County for the future of your children and grandchildren.