City government should obey their own laws

Last February, after a snowstorm, I wrote Mayor [Vern] Jackson wondering whose responsibility it was to clear two stretches of sidewalks along 30A — between Glebe and Fon Clair and that between East State and Main. Should the state or the city be plowing?

He responded with the address of the regional state Department of Transportation, sending me on an errand to find the answer.

DOT’s Clint King wrote back saying those walks were the responsibility of the city of Johnstown.

I was reminded of this recently as I hiked through drifts of crusty snow near Fon Clair. At one point, I fell and must have looked like a turtle wallowing on his back to drivers. Life’s a comedy.

Knox students returning from school use these walks. Dog walkers and those without bus service, heading to the shopping center. City homeowners, I think, can be fined for not shoveling their walks. Would that the city government would obey its own laws.