Wake up America, it’s not the guns, it’s the people

I am writing this in response to Edward A. Bown’s editorial in the Dec. 5, Leader-Herald. I have been a NRA member for years, have had a pistol permit since 1975, am an avid hunter and outdoorsman, a father of two sons, happily married for 42 years and still work in the leather business. I am sick and tired of Democrats, liberals and progreessives bashing the NRA and legal and responsible gun owners.

You are worried about automatic weapons. Well, guns, knives, bombs, cars, trucks or anything else don’t kill people. People using these objects kill people. And its usually people that are mentally ill or that have sick ideologies that are the culprit. So let’s deal with them. And you should also be worried about our liberal and progressive judicial system and their judges and juries that don’t follow our laws that are already on the books. They give a slap on the wrist or no jail time or bail to a person that has comitted a crime with an illegal firearm. It’s supposed to be a mandatory five years in prison sentence! Just look at what happed a week ago in the Kate Steinle case. An illegal immagrant deported five times shoots and kills a young innocent girl and gets away with it.

And as far as the Second Amendment giving us the right to bear arms. Our forefathers wanted every citizen to be able to protect themselves and their families. At that time, the British army could go into their homes and confiscate whatever they wanted. Whether it be food, guns, livestock, crops, etc. Plus they had to fear robbers, rapers, Indians and nowdays even the government. And yes they only had the black powder rifle and pistols loaded and ready to protect themselves. And I’ll tell you that if someone breaks into my house, they will be met by lead from a semiautomatic and not a musketball.

God bless America,

God bless President Trump.