Response to writer’s letter on welfare system

I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Benton’s letter of Nov. 16, in regard to the welfare system.

First of all I worked for over 30 years in Montgomery County DSS most of which was supervisor (principal welfare examiner of the Public Assistance Unit. To say that “Fulton County is easier to get welfare that any other county” is blatantly untrue. Every county in the state has to comply with a morass of state and/or federal regulations laws, rules, etc. Fulton County nor any other county has the authority to change those rules and regulations. They’re only following what guidelines that are set down by the state and/or federal governments. It is true that some clients will sell food stamps for untoward reasons. And it is also true that some women have children in order to keep their benefits (each new child with increase those benefits by a small amount: however, the former and latter circumstances are very rare. There has also been a ‘Welfare to Work’ program in place for several years now. However, it is very easy for clients to circumvent these rules.

You have an excellent and competant commissioner in Shereda Cooper. I don’t know her personally; I only know her by name.

And by the way, Montgomery County has always been touted as the easiest county to get welfare in.