Original founders didn’t know about automatic weapons

Many decades ago, we lost our freedom of speech (our First Amendment right). I’m English and long ago my friends called me a Limey and I called my Italian friends, Wops; Polish friends, Polacks, etc. in jest. Maybe if we had a National Speech Association, we could still bust on each other. We might even be able to call a sports team Red Skins or Indians.

Getting to my point, why is freedom to bear arms (our Second Amendment right) so much more sacred? Could it be the National Rifle Association’s threat to vote out our current politicians?

And while on the point, possibly the NRA should be called the NAWA (National Automatic Weapons Association).

Back in the 1700s when our Second Amendment was enacted, firearms were black powder single shot weapons. A proficient person with this firearm could possibly shoot one round per minute. I’m sure the signers of our Constitution would have included restrictions on types of arms if they had foreseen the savage arms of today.

Why can’t the politicians fess up, stand up to the NRA and propose some sensible restrictions on what arms the people have a right to bear. Somehow our previous politicians have manipulated our First Amendment to protect the thin skinned of our country.