Just a thought: How about lowering taxes Gov. Cuomo?

I find it humorous that Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to waste more New York state taxpayer money by suing the federal government over the new tax plan. This is nothing more than another expensive Cuomo campaign stunt — his motto is ABC — always be campaigning.

Cuomo likes to play fast and loose with tax dollars. While he has the state anywhere between $4 and $8 billion dollars in the red before the development of next year’s budget, he just spent millions on an executive helicopter to transport him around. He has sent millions to Puerto Rico while taking trips to Cuba and Israel as New York’s infrastructure is failing. While I am all for helping others, none of this spending has been budgeted and adds to the growing deficit.

He now wants to take the federal government to court and run up legal bills for nothing. It is interesting that 47 states are OK with the plan while just New York, New Jersey and California are against the plan because of the massive income and property taxes to which those states subject their residents. The federal plan is no problem in a state like Florida where there is no state income tax and the property taxes are less than half of what residents of New York pay.

There is one simple solution to all of Mr. Cuomo’s angst — how about lowering the taxes in New York? Just a thought — that he obviously has never had.


(Teacher, coach, athletic director at Gloversville High School ’72 to ’85)