GOP control of local government has only led to higher taxes

Going to the polls this month was a depressing affair. In the city of Johnstown, every race from the mayor on down to the water board had only one option to vote for and all were of the same party. This type of mentality has led residents to where they are today, facing skyrocketing tax hikes with little to nothing to show for them. Several have been working for the past few months to start a Fulton County chapter of the Libertarian Party and I would invite people to join. I will lay out the first of three issues that separate this party from the two big parties in this letter with others to follow.

The first of course is fiscal policy, a double sided coin consisting of taxes and spending. The Republican Party has long touted itself as being for “smaller government” and being “fiscally conservative” but as recent headlines have proven this is not the case and hasn’t been for quite some time.

In the town of Johnstown, the council has “whittled” the proposed tax hike to 52 percent, the county is looking to raise their rates by over seven percent. Even in the city of Johnstown, their meager two percent increase is over the tax cap because, according to the state, the county rates are already too high. All three of these levels of government have always been completely controlled by the GOP and under their watch, they have not only wasted taxpayer money, but in the town’s case, they didn’t even keep proper records of their expenditures. Even on the national level, with GOP control of both legislative chambers and the presidency, the current budget increases spending and will add trillions in debt over the next 10 years. Politicians need to realize that every dollar that comes from taxpayers is forcibly taken, and they need to be cognizant of that when they decide how to spend it.

Further information can be found on the Facebook page: or on the national party’s website at The December meeting will be held on Dec. 14, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Johnstown Public Library. Please come to show support or merely to ask questions about the party and their stances on the pressing issues facing the country and county today.