Earth is our mother, let’s take care of her

The people of the Iroquois Confederacy believe that all members of creation have spirits, and that, at the creation of man, they were instructed that, “We who walk about on the earth are to express a great respect, an affection, and a gratitude toward all the spirits which create and support life. When people cease to respect and express gratitude for these many things, then all life will be destroyed, and human life on this planet will come to an end.”

They believe that the earth is our mother, and it’s true, as the earth nurtures and cares for us all. But a caregiver has to be healthy to give care, and our earth is anything but healthy. Overpopulation and our consumer society have lead to the pollution of air and water, destruction of forests, and leaching of soil fertility. Soon, Mother Earth will no longer be able to care for us, and the Iroquois will be right. We will die out. You can help by conserving fossil fuels and thinking before you buy, “Do I really need this, or do I just want it?”