Anti-gunners target muzzleloader hunters

An anti-gun rights group, founded by Gabrielle Giffords, known formerly as Americans for Responsible Solutions, but now as just Giffords, has released a “report” that highlights, extremely lethal firearms and devices, like bump stocks, that are being marketed by gun manufacturers” and that should be considered for increased regulation. One of these targeted items on the Giffords lists is a type of firearm that has been around since before America’s founding. That’s right, the muzzleloader.

Virtually obsolete among the military sometime shortly after the Civil War, the Giffords group has this fall classified it as a highly deadly firearm due partly to the fact that it delivers a particularly lethal .50 caliber round.”

The bigger issue the group has with muzzleloaders is that they fall into the antique firearm classification and are treated differently than modern firearms when it comes to regulations. They refer to them as “a blanket exception” that “the gun industry is determined to exploit.”

The group’s chief complaint is that a built-in-moderator, such as that featured on Silencer Co’s recently introduced integrally suppressed Maxim 50 muzzleloader, can be permanently affixed to a muzzleloader from the factory without being subjected to (National Firearms Act) regulations.

Other items on the list, titled “Legal and lethal: 9 Products that Could be the next Bump Stock” include: binary triggers, trigger clanks, high capacity shotguns, AK and AR style pistols, AR pistol arm braces, AR pistol blade stabilizes, .50 caliber rifles and ammo, and specialized ammunition such as incendiary and tracer rounds.