Welfare system in need of reform

On the topic of welfare, I truly believe that people who never worked a day in their life, should not be getting help from the government. People who work minimum-wage jobs and live in poverty try to go to Fulton County Department of Social Services to get the help that they need but DSS tells them that they can not help them out. I truly believe that is totally wrong 100 percent. Fulton County should not be helping people out that just have children just so they can get more free money from the taxpayer.

Doesn’t anybody in this day in age have any pride anymore. How is somebody going to contribute to society when your always contributing free money to them. Did you actually know that in Fulton County it is easier to get welfare than other county in New York state. Why is that? Here in Gloversville, and Johnstown there are a lot of people who receive SNAP benefits aka food stamps, but majority sell their food stamps so they buy drugs and get alcohol.

Wake up Fulton County officials and reform the Welfare system. I totally understand there is a need for this system, but it should be for a single mother who works a minimum wage job and doesn’t make enough money to provide for her child.

So put people to work if they want to receive benefits from the taxpayer and I call for drug checks, and I also call for background checks. Criminals should not be receiving welfare benefits. People who live off the system live better than I do, but I have pride, I earned everything that I have. I might not have the best job out there, but at least I’m working, and not living off the system like a good portion of the citizens of Fulton County are.