Voters need to elect the qualified candidate

Seven days from today is the general election for the Gloversville Mayoral race. So I encourage all citizens of Gloversville that are registered voters do what’s best for the city of Gloversville. Our city cannot afford to elect an individual who lacks the experience and qualifications needed to hold office. Moreover our city cannot afford to elect an individual who doesn’t have the temperament to hold public office. Bill Rowback might be a nice man but he isn’t suited to be mayor of Gloversville.

Because our city already has a thoroughbred who has been in office for the past eight years. That thoroughbred is the incumbent mayor of Gloversville, the honorable Dayton J. King. During his tenure Dayton King has cleaned up the streets of Gloversville, lowered the crime rate, brought Walmart to Glovesville. Mayor King has brought jobs to Gloversville.

The question is how is Bill Rowback even qualified to hold office? The answer is that Bill Rowback isn’t. On Election Day, Nov. 7, all registered voters in Gloversville are going to show how great of a mayor that Dayton J. King is by giving him four more years as mayor of Gloversville by all of you voting for him in the General election. Dayton J. King needs your vote on Nov. 7, to ensure that Gloversville moves forward into the future not backward.

Always remember this question: would you change horses within midstream? The answer is that you wouldn’t. So you don’t have a choice other than voting for the best candidate and the only candidate who cares about the best interests of our great city’s future and that is our incumbent Mayor Dayton J. King. Whoever wins the election will be the next mayor of Gloversville. We as citizens of Gloversville have to make sure that Dayton King stands victorious on Election night! Remember turnout is key so go out to the polls and vote for the best candidate in the mayoral race, Dayton King.