There are many reasons to vote ‘no’ on Prop 1

As a result of researching the issue, I have concluded that there are many solid reasons to vote “no” on Proposition 1, a Constitutional Convention. The following are only six of the many realities to consider:

1. It is estimated it will cost taxpayers well over a staggering $300 million. These are critical funds that should better be used for education, fire and police protection, rebuilding infrastructure and tax cuts.

2. The Convention will be organized and run by the same politicians, lobbyists and special interest groups who have played the system for their own benefits. We only have to look at the recent felony convictions for rampant corruption in Albany.

3. Delegates to the convention will each get paid almost $80,000. If the delegates are also legislators at the state or local level, this amount will be paid in addition to what salaries they are already receiving. They also get to hire their own staffs, potentially friends and relatives.

4. There is no time frame for the completion of the convention process. The delegates set up their own calendar, potentially boosting the convention cost astronomically.

5. It would be very easy for well-funded special interest groups to control the convention, and force their agenda on all of us.

6. A process already exists to amend the state constitution at little cost, and it works. For example:

The state Legislature passed an amendment in 2013 expanding casino gambling. The same process can easily be used for new amendments at considerably less cost to the taxpayer.

It is unfortunate that the propositions are printed on the back of the ballots where they are not obvious. Some voters may well not realize that they exist and therefore lose their opportunity for their vote to be counted.

There are two more proposed amendments also printed on the back of the ballot that, in my opinion, should be considered for a yes vote:

Proposition 2. Proposed amendment to Section 7 of Article 2 — allowing the complete or partial Forfeiture of a Public Officer’s Pension if he or she is Convicted of a Certain Type of Felony

Proposition 3. Proposal — Authorizing the Use of Forest Preserve Land for Specified Purposes