There are good reasons for voting ‘yes’ for Prop 1

There are some good reasons for supporting a Constitutional Convention (Proposition 1) on Nov. 7. For one, there is the prospect of more ethics reform being enacted. Something which would help in this regard is term limits on the governor and legislators. One could argue that this might remove good public servants from office. I would argue that if they truly are performing good service, they would likely be re-elected after a term out-of-office (example: President Grover Cleveland in the 19th century). Or, in the case of legislators, they could run for office in the other chamber. Two terms for governor and four for legislators seems appropriate.

Another area of concern is the influence of special interests. I have noticed many similar-looking signs on lawns which read: Constitutional Convention vote no. It seems to me that one or more groups wants to maintain the status quo for self-serving reasons. Another justification for a yes vote for Proposition 1. Remember, an amended constitution must be approved by the voters in a general election.

There was a letter to the editor a few weeks ago expressing concern that retirees with publicly funded pensions could loose them if the New York Constitution is amended.

I, as well as most in the private sector, have pensions which are not guaranteed. So, why should others?