Please vote ‘no’ on the Constitutional Convention

This election year, when most candidates are running unopposed in our area, you will find one very important issue on the ballot. In New York state, on the back of your ballot, Proposition 1 asks if you support a 2019 Constitutional Convention, and to this I say no.

Any changes to the Constitution can be made right now, as demonstrated by Propositions 2 and 3 on this year’s ballot. Lawmakers sponsor a bill, once it’s passed it is placed on the ballot as a proposition, that’s when voters make their decision. Over the years, the Constitution has been amended hundreds of times in this manner.

Political insiders are the ones who stand to gain from holding a convention. The convention delegates will consist of the governor, lawmakers and party insiders, all who will add another $75,000 per year to their salaries, to do a job they are already elected to do.

In 1967 the Constitutional Convention cost taxpayers approximately $47 million, in today’s dollars that is roughly $336 million. New York state doesn’t have tax dollars to throw away and I, for one, don’t support tax increases to fatten the wallets of our elected officials.

I’ve heard it said that people believe this convention would somehow clean up corruption in Albany. How? By having the same lawmakers continue down the same path they’re on, at double their salary? I believe change is necessary in our government, too, but a convention made up of the same people sounds like a waste of time and tax dollars.

Two hundred four delegates will be paid $75,000 per year, for however many years the convention continues, plus be given expense accounts and staffing. All this to do a job they are already paid to do. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let other areas in NYS decide if a costly convention is the way to go. On Nov. 7, get out and vote. Flip your ballot over and vote no on the Constitutional Convention. Your vote has more power than you realize, that’s how you send a message to Albany. But, you must make the effort to get to your polling place and vote. No one can do it for you. Send a message to Albany that we are onto their game and we won’t stand for it. Only when we hold officials accountable will change begin. Vote no on Proposition 1.