Personnel file wrongly disseminated on social media

About two years ago, I first started thinking about running for mayor of the city of Gloversville. I was becoming more and more concerned that the city of Gloversville, my hometown, was not moving forward in a positive direction.

Throughout this campaign, I have remained respectful of my opponent and I have chosen not to engage in the personal attacks that often accompany these types of political rivalries. The reason is simple. Despite what anyone else says or does, this is my campaign and my name.

On Saturday, Oct. 28, during a radio debate on WENT, my opponent made a reference to information contained in my personnel file. He was attempting to discredit my time at the fire department. I later learned that a large portion of my personnel file was disseminated publically on social media this past week for the sole purpose of trying to embarrass me and my family and pressure me to withdraw from the race.

I cannot speak to why anyone would feel it was necessary to take my personal employment information from the last 25 years and distribute it on social media. The logical assumption is that it was being done to embarrass me.

The information could only have been obtained through improper or illegal means. My personnel file, as a fireman, is protected from disclosure by law and can only be disclosed under specific well-defined circumstances. Running for office is not one of those exceptions.

To that end, I understand that an investigation is being launched into the conduct and that I will let those results speak for themselves.

In the meantime, I am deeply disappointed that I needed to address this matter rather than the issues of this campaign.

That being said, I remain ready available at any time to discuss the real issues involving this city.


Candidate for mayor