No good deed goes unpunished

Yesterday I received a parking ticket downtown.

I am a volunteer and have been for almost five years at the food pantry at 33 Bleecker, run by the First Free Methodist Church. I pick up bread twice a week bring it to the center to be distributed to the twin towers (Kingsboro and Forrest) and the senior center. While unloading my truck I went inside, leaving the tail gate down and cap on shell open so I could load the bakery items. Rather than carry the items a half a block I will admit I was in a no parking zone and ticketed.

I now see why you have a hard time getting anyone to give their time or do anything to help this community. I went to city hall and was told I could appeal this on Nov. 21. I will be there (after I make another bread run). Maybe some of the city officials could be at 33 Bleecker to carry bake goods or help unload a food delivery every other Friday (5 tons); we could really need the help. We serve approximately 400 families every week and do the mass distribution once a month for 500 to 600 families.

No good deed goes unpunished. A little common sense could go a long way. Can hardly wait to see if anyone in our city government will comment.