Let’s keep our city moving in the right direction

It is no secret that our city and county face challenges, but we also have many assets that give me hope for the future and our ability to meet those challenges. Our local governments are working together to keep us safe and healthy, and maintain the critical public services and infrastructure that we all depend on.

As your county supervisor for the past four years, it has been an honor to work with other community leaders to develop and implement plans for revitalization, smart growth, and economic sustainability. For example, through the Fulton Countywide Vision 2026, county leadership advances a bold strategy for the next decade to attract businesses and residents, improve overall quality-of-life, and reduce property taxes throughout the county. Likewise, the city of Gloversville’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan, which contains 30 specific action items to achieve business and employment growth downtown and beyond, improve city revenue, control expenses, and improve the character of the community, is evidence of bold leadership and strategic long-term planning.

In order to make these progressive visions a reality, we must overcome many challenges. We need to invest in our workforce so that more of our residents can achieve the dignity of earning a living wage and both new and existing businesses can fill job vacancies. To combat blight, we need to make it easier for homeowners with limited incomes to maintain their properties and work to redevelop vacant, blighted, and tax-foreclosed properties in a way that improves their surrounding communities. We must continue to protect the well-being of children, senior citizens, veterans, and our most vulnerable neighbors. Through continued public safety and social service collaboration, we will fight the opioid epidemic that plagues our community, like so many others. We will reject hate and bigotry. We will also continue to support our many civic institutions that enrich our community and give it charm.

I pledge to continue fighting for the future of Gloversville and Fulton County on the Board of Supervisors for the next two years. On the city level, I commend the efforts of Mayor Dayton King and members of the Common Council for developing a plan and putting it into action. I encourage you to support Mayor Dayton King and the Gloversville Party candidates for Common council members this Tuesday so we can continue this important work together.


Supervisor, City of Gloversville — Ward 5