Election didn’t turn out the way I wanted

The outcome of the Gloversville mayoral race wasn’t one that I hoped for. As everyone knows, I supported the King campaign because of all the achievements that were made under the King administration over the past eight years. With all that said, I would like to congratulate Mayor-Elect Bill Rowback on his victory. Running for office isn’t an easy task at all. But being a candidate is a lot easier, than it is for a government official to govern. I wish Mayor-Elect Bill Rowback and his incoming administration nothing but success because if Bill Rowback is a very successful mayor, our city succeeds as a whole. I’m a very concerned citizen of Gloversville, being a lifelong resident of this city.

I want to expecially thank the outgoing mayor of Gloversville, the honorable Dayton J. King for his entire eight service to the city of Gloversville. Under the King administration, our city went from the red into the black. During Dayton King’s leadership the Gloversville Police Department most recently this summer arrested drug dealers through traffic stops, which led to taking drug dealers off the streets of Gloversville. King brought jobs to Gloversville. Walmart saved this city the tax revenue that provides our city. I personally want to thank Mayor, Dayton J. King being an inspiration and a role model to me. I will always remember everything that you have done for our city and just because Dayton King no longer holds the office of mayor of Gloversville doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to do things are in the best interests of our city.

The people of Gloversville should put the campaign behind them and now stand behind our incoming mayor, the honorable Bill Rowback. Because we need Mayor Bill Rowback to succeed for our city’s best interests. God bless the life and legacy of Mayor Dayton J. King. I wish the incoming Rowback administration all the success and luck on governing.