Dayton King used private personnel information

With great disgust, I learned that Dayton King recently used confidential information from a personnel file to attack a political challenger on live radio. If King’s smears are true, he has, at best, pointed out the blemishes of a very human candidate. However, in the process of doing so, King has exposed the festering acne on the face of his own moral character. King has demonstrated that he is not above exploiting his access to personnel files to score cheap political points.

While some information in a firefighter’s personnel file may be publicly released, information that relates to performance evaluation or discipline is confidential and protected from disclosure under multiple provisions of law. I strongly believe that King’s disclosure was not only unlawful, but potentially criminal. In any case, it was certainly unethical for King to use an employee’s confidential information for personal political advantage.

King’s supporters, in cultish lockstep, gleefully share recordings of the radio broadcast and confidential documents across social media. They are apparently drunk on the ecstasy of the stoning circle and tone-deaf to the serious implications of their “dear leader’s” misconduct. In their eagerness to cast the first stone, they put King’s guilt on display for the world to see.

King’s toxic blend of negative campaigning and flagrant abuse of power for political advantage is the lowest form of sleazy politics. On Election Day, we the people should hold King accountable.