Betsy Batchelor is the right one for the job

We need Betsy Batchelor as the 3rd Ward council. Fifty years ago, Gloversville was a prosperous small city, a great and safe place to live. It had excellent schools, a thriving main street and stately elms lining many side streets. Dutch Elm blight killed the elms and a different kind of blight has almost killed Gloversville. Gradually our tax base was lost as our handcraft industry could no longer compete with globalized competition.

Recovery from where we are may take a long time, but it can be done given wise and strong leadership.

The bones of the city are almost intact. A big first step in the restoration of Gloversville was taken when more than $7,000,000 was raised to restore our historical Carnegie Library. As a neighbor of Betsy Batchelor, I am very aware of the many dedicated hours she spent, working tirelessly against difficult obstacles, with the team that made this seemingly impossible dream come true. I know how hard that must have been, because I was on the library board many years ago when we hoped to raise just $1,250,000 for a more modest renovation, but gave up as too difficult and complicated.

We need Betsy’s energy, wisdom and dedication to our city applied to many other problems we face.

With people like her on our side, we can move forward and be prouder of where we live.