Being pro-choice is not the same as pro-abortion

I, Joseph Benton, am pro-choice. There is this belief if you are pro-choice you are pro-abortion. That isn’t even true at all, so I want to reassure the people of Fulton County, New York just because the fact that I am pro-choice doesn’t mean I am pro-abortion. It just means that I stand for a woman’s right to choose and I believe that the United States government should never tell a woman what to do with her own body. Moreover I believe that no man should ever be able to dictate women’s health care in United States of America. Because it is none of anybody’s business whatever a woman decides to do with her own body and her own health, because her own decision is hers alone. I will always be a champion of women’s rights. I will always fight to make sure that women always have the right to choose.

The Trump-Pence Administration wants to wants to put Roe vs Wade consigned to the ash heap of history. I strongly believe that we as Americans should stand up for women’s reproductive rights, by electing officials who will always stand up for women’s rights. We cannot let Vice President Michael R. Pence persuade President Donald J. Trump into taking away a woman’s right to choose away from them. Because like I said before the federal government and no man should ever be telling what to do with her very own reproductive rights.