Ask Jesus for forgiveness and for love

Love is kind. The Greek word is chrestotes. Love is patient. The Greek word is makrothumia. Love is gentle. The Greek word is proates. Do we see the love of God universally? Yes.

We look around our world, and we notice everything that can bring despair: a starving baby in Ethiopia; refugees seeking asylum in war torn countries; shooting massacres in Las Vegas and Delaware, and we say why? Why God? With greed in the world, money lines the pockets of government officials in third world countries which does not get to the victims of malnutrition.

Selfishness causes government officials to close its borders to refugees as here in United States. We are kicking out illegal immigrants or denying them Visa’s to foreigners.

Fear is another thing that factors in this problem. Insensitivity or a depraved indifference to life causes people who are quote “sane” to go on a shooting rampage. Why God? Where are you?

We cannot fully answer this question why there is suffering in this world, why for instance a tsunami ware wiped out people in the Far East years ago, however in the hereafter all our questions will be answered.

A look at Deuteronomy 29:29 confirms this. The secret thing belongs to the Lord, but God reveals himself to us. First God has revealed himself in creation. God is not in the trees as pantheists believe. God, second of all, reveals himself in diseases being cured. Diseases like polio are wiped out. God reveals himself, thirdly, in his hand of chasetiment. The word states God chastises all whom he loves. God is love. Love. It is hard to fathom a God of love when we see much adversity in the world. Fourth, God reveals himself at the moment of a child’s conception. Behold a baby at birth. God fully reveals himself, in man’s consciousness. Instinctively, all of us know when we have disobeyed God and violated the moral law. Finally, God reveals himself at man’s conversion. God came to make the hardest of criminals into saints. God suffered on a cross, died and was resurrected again through his son, Jesus, to make bad men into good people. One final point: God reveals himself at the cross. Seeing how God reveals himself, we should turn to his son, Jesus and ask for forgiveness, receiving him in our heart on our knees.