We can help change global warming

In spite of the fairly cool summer in our area, global warming is here, just ask the folk in the southwest, who have been experiencing temperatures of 110 degrees. Unfortunately, our current administration poo poos this problem, gagging climate scientists and gutting the EPA. So, the fight to mitigate global warming now has to start at the grassroots. That’s you and me, folks. What can we do?

Give up eating methane producing beef.

Drive less, walk more, carpool, consolidate errands.

Go solar, or take wind power for electric.

Use LED or CFL bulbs and don’t light up like Disneyland at Christmastime.

Turn the heat down, air conditioning up.

Use a shovel, a rake, and an electric lawnmower.

Wash in cold water, use a clothesline.

Recycle, shop at thrift stores, buy less.

Write or call the governor and your congressmen, both state and federal, and urge them to fight to mitigate global warming.

Remember, coal, gas oil, keep it in the soil.