Think about how using space in the newspaper in the future

I was very upset when I opened Sunday’s Leader Herald, then again Monday and Tuesday. The space allotted to the supposed local kkk along with large color photos was way out of proportion. The location and space given such news overshadowed the good and positive things happening in Gloversville. These articles gave exaggerated legitimacy and seemed to glorify unmentioned members and encourage followers. This group could have been given newspaper space but didn’t deserve or require three front page headlines, almost three full pages of text, and three large color photos. I feel this has opened up a mindset among racists in our communities to feel ermpowered. My biggest fear is that families and children of color could feel fear and harm by this irresponsible highlighting of such beliefs. We could have opened up Sunday’s paper to see hundreds of families enjoying music, good food, crafts and fun at the city’s first Bacon Fest but instead had to go to the back of the paper to find the article.

I feel the Leader Herald needs to wisely prioritize space used in the paper and the possible consequences of these choices. We have been subscribers since 1976 but unless changes are made cannot continue reading this paper.