The cover-up will continue if the incumbent is elected

I am running for Broadalbin’s two-year assessor vacancy and letting people know of the cover-up that will continue if the incumbent assessor Joe McDonald is elected for another four year term. He has married in recent years and spends most of his time at his wife’s home in another state. Much of his $7,778 annual assessor salary is spent on travel and vacation expenses while holding a ‘no show job’ most of the year. The incumbent is not coming here to vote in November. Through FOIL I have legally obtained copy of his absentee ballot application dated Aug. 18, 2017, where he specified it be mailed to their address in Houston, Texas.

Assessor Candidate, Margaret “Maggie” Boltash, wants to provide something that no other assessor has done in recent years: provide office hours two Saturday mornings a month.

Every vote counts at the local level. In addition to the race for the assessor four year term and the two year term assessor vacancy, there are also two candidates running for town supervisor. All other positions on the ballot are unopposed. There are four referendum votes that will appear on the back of your printed ballot. Three are state and one is local (4) Shall the town of Broadalbin initiate discussions with the DEC to explore renewing operation of the beach.

If you can’t get to the polls, you can obtain an Absentee Ballot application by calling the Board of Elections before Oct. 31, (518) 736-5526.

I also have applications (518) 883-3653.

Your vote in the assessor race can put an end to the ongoing abuse of an elected office. Both Margaret “Maggie” Boltash and I are running on the Conservative Line, and on an independent line in the ‘Better Service’ Party. Your vote sends a message that you want ‘Better Service.’


Town Councilman 2004-2007