Support Clemente for city council post

The Clemente family has been in Gloversville for more than a century and has served this community with distinction.

Now, Jamin Clemente, our eldest child, plans to continue in her father’s footsteps as a member of the Gloversville Common Council representing the 3rd Ward of Gloversville, where she has resided her entire life.

We still reside in Ward 3 and have made many wonderful friends and memories here. Frank, as a former 3rd Ward councilman, endorses our daughter, Jamin, because of her family values. Jamin has always been family- oriented and loves her church family, her neighbors and everyone she comes in contact with. When we say we endorse Jamin, we endorse her not only as our daughter but as a good citizen, and we believe that she will do an excellent job representing the citizens of our neighborhood.

Family is very important to us. Our eldest son also lives in Gloversville (3rd Ward). So as you can see, we are deeply rooted in Gloversville history, and Jamin wants to move Gloversville forward to uphold those family values and traditions that we all cherish and hold close. So, if you believe in family as we do, please vote for Jamin on Nov. 7 to keep Gloversville a family-strong city as we continue to move forward.

There is nothing more important than familia.

Thank you.