Rowback has a plan for Gloversville’s future

I was born in Gloversville at the old Nathan Littauer Hospital. I spent my early years in the west end and went to both Boulevard and McNab schools. My grandfather was the president of Gloversville Federal Savings Bank and was a pillar in this community. If you look hard enough you can find his name on plaques at Nathan Littauer, the YMCA, and FMCC. I could tell you stories for hours about what life was like in Gloversville in the ’50s and ’60s.

But this is 2017 and Gloversville is far from those glory days of yore. We have blight, drugs, poverty, a failing infrastructure, and are the butt of jokes from surrounding communities. There have been a parade of politicians who have promised us Utopia and we still wallow in a sea of problems.

Enter a man who is running for mayor with an actual plan in his pocket. A man who, like me and many other citizens, was born and raised in Gloversville and has a passion for this city. He has served, both his country, and this city with honor. He promises to bring honesty and transparency to City Hall which, in my opinion, has been sorely lacking in the current administration. Granted he does not have all the answers and change will take time to achieve. But he will listen to your suggestions with an open ear and mind. And he has a plan for our city, which his opponent has yet to produce.

I urge my fellow citizens of Gloversville to vote for William Rowback Jr. for mayor on Nov. 7. If you care about this city, as I do, he is the only logical choice.