No time for learning curve at this juncture

I see the city as split 50-50 at this point, King vs. Rowback, for the upcoming election, therefore I know my opinion is shared by many.

Dayton King has done a great job as mayor, the stats and proof is well-documented, and we all know he responds to concerns, valid or not, quickly and attentively each time he is challenged (day or night).

My point today is: In this position we can choose to benefit greatly with a man (Dayton) who has great hands on experience. There is a huge benefit to allowing him to move forward with the work he’s already done. The learning curve for a new candidate is not something I feel we have time or patience for.

I don’t want to discuss or comment on some of the negative campaign strategies and activity. And I believe that Bill is overall a good man, however, I urge people to make their decisions more so based on the benefit of retaining the proven mayor, and not just voting otherwise just for a “change.”

Lastly: This past week, Gloversville made national news in a negative way. I turned on the TV and as I watched King handle the situation in a decisive, professional manor, I thought: Boy, that is a great example of how a mayor has to handle a tough situation honestly and respectfully. What he’s done and will continue to do is not easy. We need to keep him right where he is.


Hadley, Saratoga County

A former Gloversville resident