Mayor has brought city from decline to growth

Residents of Gloversville, as a councilman for the past six years, I have watched the transformation of Mayor King from a very inexperienced mayor to one that has brought Gloversville from a city in decline to one that is experiencing growth and optimism. As I look around I see a shared interest in making the city better between residents, businesses and local government.

CRG is now helping to bring exposure and downtown activities to our city. Everywhere you look new businesses are being established within our city. The mayor and council have written several grants. Presently the city has hired a new blight officer and secretary from a $150,000 grant. We were also awarded an energy grant of $100,000 and a $3.7 million grant for the Estee project. These grants have helped the city move forward.

It is also important to recognize Mayor King’s influence on the city departments that he supervises. The police department has taken an aggressive stance on drugs as well as community involvement. They are working hard to bridge the gap between residents and the police by holding open, informative activities for the residents. Gloversville Police Department’s personal diversity should be commended.

The Department of Public Works has done an excellent job of maintaining our streets and infrastructure. Bulk pickups and disposal sites have been a benefit to our community effort to deal with blight problems.

Our fire department without question is the envy of any city in New York state. There was a controversial contract negotiation, however, it was necessary for the growth and prosperity of our city.

The leaders of these departments were chosen by Mayor King and his involvement has guided them to these conclusions. Presently Gloversville has an excellent team working together for the growth and prosperity for our city.

For these reasons stated I will be supporting Mayor Kng’s reelection.

Changing leadership at this time seems counterproductive to me. No matter how good Mr. Rowback thinks he is, there is always a learning curve and relationship building that takes place. This could slow down, or worse, stop our city’s advancement.

I cannot say I support Mr. Rowback or his sons campaign methods. I also find them very counterproductive. I would like to thank the city of Gloversville and especially the 2nd Ward for your continued support in my effort to make Gloversville a better place.


Ward 2 Councilman