Man in to blame for spreading hate

Having read the three articles on the KKK in The Leader-Herald published recently, I wish to thank you.

How are we to know who is here and who is not? And, how are we able to change things, if we do not know what to change?

Information is a great thing if we take that information, and use it to make things better. What Mr. King needs to do is become a better example. Make the community a better example; that’s how you win over hate.

Our country has become a poor example to the world by degrading our president on a daily basis, by not showing respect to our country’s flag at sporting events and continuously bombarding our youth with violence on TV. We create what we sow.

Its OK to protest what we see as wrong but it does not give a person the right to disrespect or destroy another’s property. It also does not give a person the right to start a riot and kill or harm another person.

Now that we know that the Klan is here, maybe in larger numbers than we may have realized, ignore them, don’t enable them with exploitation of their cause.

If one of them gets into trouble, make an example of them and don’t advertise the criminal is part of the Klan, it will only rally to their cause.

Spend more time praising those who do good, exploit the good. This is how you win over hate.

With our flag, salute her, stand tall and praise her; she’s not the one to blame for hate, man is.