King deserves another term

A familiar saying is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” We believe this saying applies to Mayor King. Why would we want to elect a different mayor when Mayor King is doing a fine job already? Businesses are moving in to Gloversville. Many grants to improve the city and attract businesses here have been applied for and gotten. City officials seem to be working harmoniously together. Lets keep things as they should be and are: Moving Forward!

Another person who deserves your vote is Vincent DeSantis for Councilman-at-large. He has a great love for the wonderful city of Gloversville and a lot of enthusiasm to begin projects and see them through.

We urge all voters to get to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday November 7th. Please cast your votes for two candidates who will “Keep Gloversville Moving Forward,” Dayton King for Mayor and Vincent DeSantis for Councilman-at-large. Thank you!