Experience peace, joy on Oakland Avenue

Check it out for yourself.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on our porch. It was a beautiful day, and I was just thanking God for the beauty of his creation and that I get to enjoy it with him. After several people in cars, on bikes, walking and skateboarding had passed by, I was asked by him if I would like to declare this part of Oakland Avenue to be his “corridor of peace and joy,” in which he would bless all who passed by.

I thought, “Wow, in these days of fear, anxiety and turmoil, that would be a welcome thing to give some of my neighbors and passersby.” So I answered his question with a big “yes,” and from then on — when I sit there — I release his peace and joy into everyone. I am confident that this is a very special assignment that is blessing people even when I am not sitting there because he set up the corridor as an eternal act he desired for Gloversville.

Take a walk, drive, skateboard or bike ride from Kingsboro Avenue and head west down Oakland Avenue. Peace and joy to you and your family.