Doctors and nurses — listen to your patients

I have been suffering/fighting with migraines and seizures since 2010, which are very debilitating. Don’t they understand what these do a person? If the seizures are non-epileptic, then you’re told they can’t help you? Really? There are over 30 different seizures out there and you mean to tell me there is no help or relief? If a patient tells you their symptoms and pleas with you for help, please listen. If you’re not able to, point me in the right direction to get that help. Don’t you understand they consume your life? They take over every aspect of your life and keep you from doing things you enjoy/love the most. If you go to the ER, whether it be by cane, walker or wheelchair, you are made to feel like you shouldn’t be there most of the time. Please go through it and see how you feel? I have even asked doctors and nurses that if they were going through it, what would you do to make yourself better? They usually say to do something at home you have already tried or you wouldn’t be there for their expert help. I’m told it’s neurological by some neurologists — no, seriously? I didn’t go to school for years and even I know that. Waiting around confused and frustrated all bruised and broken really takes its toll on a person. On a positive note though, I think I may have found a couple of doctors that may be able to help me. They at least have a plan to try and try until they do. Between them and my prayers to God, I think I have a chance.