Do not be deceived by something unproven

I was inspired to write a letter to the editor after reading the letter submitted by James L. Cook in the Oct. 14, edition of The Leader-Herald. I couldn’t agree more. The Johnstown City Council also needs change and Mr. Cook should consider running for a council seat there. He is absolutely right that Mayor King’s opponent is unproven, but also a city employee who may not look at city contracts in an objective manner.

Mayor King was successful in getting a contract that was agreed to by both the city and the city firemen, without giving away the store and looking out for the city taxpayers. It does seem like a type of Spoils System has existed for years where the good Civil Service jobs are passed down from grandfather to son to grandson rather than the best candidate for the position. I know that Mayor King may have broken that trend and there are people of influence who do not like it.

I can’t believe that Mayor King has gotten taxes reduced and thought of ways to keep them down yet there are those who want to gamble that away? He has taken on the consolidation issue that will only reduce taxes and perhaps encourage business and property sales.

Do not be deceived by something unproven when you know things have been moving in the right direction.

Join with me on Nov. 7, and vote to re-elect Dayton King for mayor of Gloversville on the Conservative Line.