Dayton King has lied and it is time for a new mayor

The mayor is responsible for the city budget and taxes. When imposing taxes on the residents of the city, it’s necessary that he not only adhere to the rule of law, but set a standard, so each taxpayer can look to him as an example.

The fact that Dayton King was listed in [Tuesday’s] Leader-Herald for unpaid taxes makes it appear like he doesn’t set a standard at all but thinks he’s a special privileged person that is treated differently than everyone else.

I’ve been truly disturbed by Dayton King’s actions throughout this election. Dayton has run a negative campaign by making up some outlandish lies. Dayton lied about his opponent’s intentions for running for office. Dayton lied by saying his opponent would fire all department heads, even civil service employees. Dayton lied when he said his opponent’s campaign manager wants government contracts. Dayton lied when he said people just want to control him. Dayton lied by taking a list of accomplishments from the council and employees and putting his name at the top and taking credit.

Now, Dayton lied by not paying his own taxes. Is Dayton King ever truthful? We need a new mayor in Gloversville.