Betsy Batchelor is the right choice

Full disclosure: I am not a resident of Gloversville and cannot vote in the upcoming election for local offices. Nonetheless, I would encourage residents of Gloversville’s 3rd Ward to vote for Elizabeth (Betsy) Batchelor to represent them in the city’s Common Council.

Betsy and I team-taught for many years at Johnstown High School. During that time, including my years as English Department chair, I can attest that her classroom was both an innovative and an all-inclusive one. Betsy listened to and was responsive to every student of every ability, respectful of every individual educational and personal need. I am sure that she will bring that sensitivity, that sensibility, to her elected office. She insisted on the best that her students were capable of — and they invariably measured up to those standards.

More than that: I also served as her secretary during her several terms as president of the Johnstown Teachers Association. During that time, she proved to be a tough, but fair, negotiator and always worked, tirelessly, on behalf of her constituents. In doing so, she won the respect of both her fellow union members and the administration with whom she negotiated. Politically astute, Betsy knows how to resolve differences and to get things done.

Since her retirement from teaching, Betsy has been deeply devoted to her community. She has been instrumental in raising nearly $9 million for the restoration of Gloversville’s historic library. She is also committed to the revitalization of Gloversville’s downtown. She is actively involved with the Micropolis Gallery at the Mohawk Harvest Food Co-Op.

Betsy Batchelor’s political savvy, her intelligence, her creativity, her ability to grasp and respect all points of view from individuals of all backgrounds, and, most of all, her long-term love for the city of Gloversville make her a compelling choice for a position on Gloversville’s Common Council on Nov. 7.


Town of Mohawk