The KKK are in our neighborhoods

I’ll admit to being a skeptic when I first heard of the KKK kitty litter fliers going around Fulton County. I thought perhaps these were some edgy teenagers out for a sick laugh.

However, on Sept. 2, I witnessed two people with white supremacist clothing out in public. One was a man sporting a “White Pride World Wide” T-shirt, and the other was a young man in a camouflage jacket prominently featuring KKK and swastika patches on the shoulders. These open displays of hate indicate to me that white supremacists feel comfortable in our community. White supremacy and white nationalism have no place in our community and it is our responsibility as citizens to give no comfort to a violent ideology our grandfathers and grandmothers fought to rid the world of. We need to denounce it when we see it in public, and make sure our local leaders are aware of this problem.