Facts not mentioned about tax override

Re: Fulton County Supervisor’s tax cap Override

In response to The Leader-Herald’s newspaper article on the above referenced, I would like the voters in Fulton County to be aware of some facts that were not mentioned in your newspaper.

1. Even with the two percent cap that Governor Cuomo implemented on property taxes, that means in five years our taxes would go up a total of 10 percent more each year, and in 10 years our taxes would go up 20 percent more each year and so on and so forth. Now the supervisors want it to go higher than two percent. Where do we stop?

2. The reason given for the override is due to “the slow recovery of the national, state and local economies.” If this is true, then how do local property owners have more money to pay higher taxes?

3. If this override is passed and Fulton County goes over the two percent cap, then forget your annual $224 plus tax freeze check and welcome higher property tax bills. Why don’t the supervisors cut spending and deny any new government mandated spending? The answer is, it is easier to stick it to the taxpayers again then fight for the taxpayer.

4. When the supervisors threaten us and say they will have to cut services, I chuckle because I do not receive any county/town services where I live and you cannot go below nothing. No water, no sewer, no trash pickup, no street lighting, no road services, no animal control, no zoning, etc., etc.

5. With respect to asking help from our state career politicians, Tedesco and Butler on this, do not waste your time, they do not want to help their constituents, because it would not support their Fulton County counterpart politicians to stick it to the taxpayers again.

Ask your supervisor this question: Why can’t Fulton County voters vote yes or no for an override of the two percent tax cap? I believe the answer is because the Fulton County supervisors have already, behind closed doors, agreed to stick it to the taxpayers again. Call your supervisor and give him or her your vote on this.

If my supervisor, Tom Christopher, votes yes for the override, I will vote no when he runs for re-election. I hope my fellow property taxpayers will do the same to their supervisors if they vote yes.