Dayton King thinks outside of the box

We moved to Gloversville in late 2010, and have very recently become homeowners here in this city that we’ve come to call our own. In the almost seven years we’ve been here, we’ve learned much about the city’s glorious past. We’ve seen the symptoms of its economic malaise, and witnessed a lot of hand-wringing by civic leaders and citizens alike. We have also seen some optimistic people sticking their necks out to try to do something about it, some business people willing to take risks, and some elected officials thinking far out of the box. One of those officials is Mayor Dayton King.

Breaking an undesirable tradition, Mayor King has shepherded a series of property tax cuts through the city council. He has taken on powerful unions in an effort to show them the city’s financial state and to ask them to share in the fight for solvency… and he has found common ground with them, a feat many in Albany should take note of.

He has withstood political and personal attacks as he takes risks in order to benefit the city. Not all of the risks have paid off, but that’s the thing about risk: if it was guaranteed, we wouldn’t call it a risk. Mayor King realizes if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. He has brought a bold new vision to Gloversville, and the city is making a comeback. Downtown is becoming a vibrant destination once again, tax revenue is up, and infrastructure is being repaired.

Unlike many in public office, Mayor King is not afraid to work with those in other political parties. Some may call this bipartisanship; we call it getting the job done. Dayton King has demonstrated an uncanny ability to get the job done, and in our modest opinion, is deserving of another term as Gloversville’s mayor.