Be safe this summer with common sense

It’s summer time and we all have busy schedules. Those things we put on the list last year have been waiting for this time. Something we need to make sure we put on the top of the list is understanding about summer safety. We all know if we are going to be out in the sun, we should make sure to wear sunscreen, but do we think about the medications that are in the cabinet?

During the summer, your children and teens may be at home when you’re not, and their friends may be there with them. Please lock your medications so that you know the correct amount is there.

Are you planning a get together and you have alcoholic beverages on hand? Are there going to be underage youth attending? If so, do you have a plan to assure they don’t have access to those drinks? We know that an increased number of youth report getting their alcohol from home.

We all want a wonderful summer filled with adventure and fun. Please take some time to plan ahead and keep everyone safe. For more information, visit


Hamilton-Fulton- Montgomery Prevention Council