Time to establish chartered library

As a board member of the Wilkinson Memorial Book Station in Broadalbin, I was pleased by the recent coverage your editorial staff gave to the surprising and controversial Proposition 4, a proposal by Amsterdam Library to raise $10,000 through taxes on properties located in the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District. And while a kinder, gentler approach may have been appreciated, it does not provide a solution to the idea of a B-P community library.

What I envision is the creation of a chartered library in our own district easily accessible to those in the village of Broadalbin, Perth and far closer to those living in the outskirts of the district. Residents to the north, for example, in Edinburg, would be disinclined to drive 38 miles round-trip to borrow a book from the Amsterdam Free Library. Even those in the village of Broadalbin have to drive 19 miles round-trip and are not likely to do so to borrow a book or participate in community enrichment programs on a regular basis. From the village of Broadalbin, it’s a 20-mile round-trip to the Johnstown Library and 16 to Gloversville.

A library in one’s own community has the potential to strengthen and enrich the community by providing resources that go beyond the printed word. It is my hope that a future proposition aiming to establish a chartered library in the village of Broadalbin would be acceptable if put before district residents.

The Wilkinson Memorial Book Station in Broadalbin has been an all-volunteer non-profit library since 1980.


Board of Directors,

Wilkinson Memorial

Book Station