Is Rep. Stefanik pro-choice?

My wife and I recently received an opinion survey from the office of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. The second question asked us to select two of 14 issues listed which we felt should be her top priorities.

Notably missing from the choices was protecting the unborn.

When Ms. Stefanik campaigned in 2014 for her first term in the House, we felt she was pro-life; not so last year.

Yet-to-be-born babies are not able to advocate for themselves, shout their cause, attend town hall meetings, etc. It seems that this life-and-death issue (literally) is no longer important, even to some proclaimed conservatives.

On our survey, we added a box follwed by: “Protecting the Unborn,” and checked the box.

Also of note, there was no space on the survey to write comments or opinions. There was a place for an email address; we requested a reply. We’ll see.