Winning really matters

This is our historic moment to go on the offensive — to restore the full measure of freedom throughout our nation: Passing Right-to-Carry reciprocity, ending state and local firearms and ammunition bans, ending gun-free zones on military bases and ensuring our right to self-defense once and for all. These goals and more are now possible and within our reach. Our time is now. Play a part in claiming and perpetuating our hard-fought election victory. Despite continued setbacks, the District of Columbia City Council has crafted a bureaucratic web of regulation that lower courts have upheld as “reasonable” restrictions.

Now is the time. Elections are a starter pistol, not a finish line. Now that sides have been chosen, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and consolidate victories for freedom. Now is the time to finally achieve national Right-to Carry reciprocity, to end gun-free zones on military bases, to enact pre-emption laws that will stop the erosion of gun rights by tyrannical state and local governments. It must become illegal for bureaucratic elites to deny Americans the full measure of Second Amendment-protected freedom. The clock is already running down.

Trump has but two years before the 2018 mid-term election.

Pro-gun lawmakers hold a narrow two-seat advantage in the U.S. Senate — a precarious margin that could disappear in those elections. The last time pro-gun forces controlled both the executive and legislative branches was in 2006; how long before this opportunity comes around again?

Winning gun rights in D.C. clearly means nothing to local authorities who shamelessly flaunt the will of the Supreme Court at every turn. Gun owners cannot allow a false sense of security to set in as a very dangerous future awaits if we don’t confront this continued erosion of gun rights now, before the opportunity to do so passes forever. Every gun owner needs to stay strong.

Gun owners made history on Nov. 8. It would be tragic to now let firearm freedoms be tossed up on history’s ash heap by the devious forces who refuse to accept our hard-won victory.