Respect the flag

The other day, as I drove down Route 29 and through Broadalbin, not much had changed  except  a little snow and cooler weather — but there was one, and only one, very important change.

The American flag at the Post Office was respectfully lowered to half staff and was the only flag out of all that I passed in our community that should have been to honor the sacrifice that was given 75 years ago this day.

I certainly don’t want to offend anybody, raise their blood pressure or hurtfully point out their neglect as some feel has been wrongfully done so in the past, but today to probably many was just another day — and when asked what day it is they would say Dec. 7. When asked what it means some would say it comes after the sixth and before Dec. 8.

Don’t laugh, it happens. But as most of our older generation knows Dec. 7 is when Japan made the biggest mistake in its history and attacked the United States of America at Pearl Harbor, killing 2,430 Americans and started WWII.

So Dec. 7 is not just another day, not only here but around the world and in remembrance and respect the American Flag should have been lowered to half staff no matter where it so proudly flies and represents this country.

It is a day we should all stop, think and reflect on what happened that horrible day in Pearl Harbor. What those brave men and women endured and gave and the American Flag is our messenger from us to them.

The flag is not just a piece of cloth, it is the living spirit of our country and when you see it wave so freely and hear it flapping in the breeze it’s telling us to stop and listen as there is a story being told, a story that dates back to when it was born.

All that it has seen throughout the years and given to us what we have and who we are. It has never left us, never forgotten us and always protected us under the most trying times.

So the least we can do is show it the respect it so deserves and to those who have preserved it.

There are no reasons it should not be lowered to half staff on the appropriate days as designated, only empty excuses.

As in the past for those who are critics of the truth I speak,  if they did not lower the flag to half staff, they should lower their heads in shame.